“Pushing Boundaries” will be the second Augmented Reality art + animation show hosted by Kaleida Studio and b[x] spaces in Brooklyn. We are incredibly excited to open the submissions to the public! The turn-out, response, and participation for our first show “Kinetic Escapes” was truly fantastic and we are looking forward to seeing what everyone will create for this show.
Submission of a piece does not guarantee participation. We will review applications and notify selected artists by December 17th, if not before.

- Come up with a comprehensive plan for your finished piece for the show in January. We don’t need to see final piece by the submission deadline, but please include finished style frames, sketches, proof of concept, and a rough animation.
- The finished piece should be smaller than 18 inches wide including frame (if you want one).
- Final physical art can be a digital giclee print, a mixed media piece, a painting, etc.
- You need a lot of detail throughout the the still image which will trigger the animation.
- Feel free to play around with alpha channel for transparency, or play multiple transparent video layers to create a “3D” effect (like this)
- Art will be for sale during the run of the show. It can be a one of a kind piece, or a limited edition of identical prints. The artist takes 50% of sales, gallery/curator keeps 50%.
- Artists can register for a free Bridge by Artivive account to start testing their ideas. Please note that if artists sell an artwork extended with Artivive they have to set their artwork to "commercial" on Bridge by Artivive by paying a one-time fee of 30 Euros per project/artwork.
Test your idea with Artivive and make sure you fully understand the limitations.
- Artist will be responsible for getting their art made/printed/framed in time to be hung the week of the show. If artist is not based in New York, we are open to printing and framing your work for you for a fee to cover the materials and time.

- First frame of animation should match the physical art print, so that it is a seamless transition to the augmented reality activation.
- The animation should be a seamless loop, so it can go on forever (loop should be between 15-45 seconds long).
- There should be music or sound design.
- All aspects of the artwork should be strong. The physical piece needs to be captivating enough to be a stand-alone piece of artwork. The animation that it triggers needs to be technically and conceptually strong as well.
- All styles are encouraged! 2D, 3D, hand-made, mixed media, video, etc.

Here are some ideas of how you can really utilize and exploit the medium that we are using. If you know that the finished piece will start as a physical piece of art, then activate on someone’s phone and come to life in front of them… what can you do to make the most exciting and interesting experience for them?
- Play with the boundaries between the physical gallery space, and the augmented space beyond the print. (Doors, windows, portals that open into the beyond)
- Animate the print “ripping open” to reveal something or let something out
- Have a character almost climb out of the print
- Utilize the alpha channel capabilities of Artivive to make animation extend out beyond the boundaries of the artwork after it is activated.
- How can you mess with the viewers brains even more? There is a high probability that they will have never seen art and technology like this. How can you use that to your advantage, and blow them away even more?

Alpha Channel with Artivive : Example 1, Example 2
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